We are disciplined value investors. This approach is designed to preserve capital and generate excellent investment returns over the long-term.

Our Investment Approach and Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is centred on the bottom-up, fundamental research of companies.
We seek out mispriced, undervalued companies and invest with a long-term and patient view.
Our investment process ensures we invest according to the convictions of our research, not to benchmarks.
We are concerned with doing what is right for the long-term, not simply what is popular for now.

Disciplined and rigorous
Genuinely active
Absolute risk focused
Bottom-up and proprietary
Long-term in nature

“We are different because we stand firm and will not adapt our investment approach to suit the season. Our investment approach will remain steadfast.”

Our investing edge

We interpret value investing in a unique and enduring way.

Perpetua pursues our own style of value investing, which we call True Value investing.
Over our years of learnings and experiences as value investors we have distilled our insights to arrive at this approach to value investing.
The Perpetua True Value Continuum is depicted below.  It recognises that:


Undervalued shares can be uncovered due to more than one central thesis.

Correctly determining the “value thesis” at investment reduces the typical shortfalls of more one-dimensional value investors.

Share attributes or metrics (low or high P/E; low or high Price to Book) do not indicate fundamental under/over valuation.

Value determination is an assumption-based exercise.

Value investing in a narrow, concentrated market should be all-encompassing.

All shares can and will move up or down the entire investing continuum over any period.

We invest only in shares which we believe are within the true value scope of the continuum.

We are not comfortable paying for optionality in returns that is already factored into the share price.

Perpetua True Value Investing Continuum


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In a world where now is ‘short term’, tomorrow is ‘medium term’ and last week is ancient history; we aspire to offer our clients a long-lasting, reliable and stable home for their money.
If you are interested in finding more about our firm; our investment capabilities; our funds or possible career opportunities, please make contact with us.

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