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Perpetua Perspectives Spring Edition 2019

Perpetua Perspectives Spring Edition 2019 By Perpetua Investment Managers The third quarter remained a challenging environment in South Africa.  In markets, domestic equities continued to deliver poor returns.  This is reflective of

Perpetua Perspectives Winter Edition 2019

Perpetua Perspectives Winter Edition 2019 By Perpetua Investment Managers The second quarter was eventful in terms of markets and politics. In South Africa we saw a peaceful election which emphasised our democracy.

Perpetua Perspectives Autumn Edition 2019

Perpetua Perspectives Autumn Edition 2019 By Perpetua Investment Managers The year started on a more positive note for markets, but a more sobering note for the economy and the political environment. Businesses,

Perpetua Perspectives Edition 3, 2018

Perpetua Perspectives: Edition 3, 2018 By Perpetua Investment Managers In this edition, we provide insight into the investment environment and discuss opportunities we find attractive in the local and global markets.

Perpetua Perspectives Edition 2, 2018

Perpetua Perspectives: Edition 2, 2018 By Perpetua Investment Managers Our bottom-up stock selection process continues to identify these attractive opportunities across the continuum and we are excited about the number of

Perpetua Perspectives Edition 1, 2018

Perpetua Perspectives: Edition 1, 2018 By Perpetua Investment Managers The first quarter of 2018 has certainly been a humbling one with most sectors delivering negative returns. Clearly it was a case

Perpetua Quarter 3 2017 Commentary Report

Perpetua Quarter 3 2017 Commentary Report By Perpetua Investment Managers Perpetua Turns Five October 2017 marks the fifth anniversary since Perpetua commenced managing money for clients. Perpetua currently employs 23

Is this a stock-picker’s market?

Is this a stock picker’s market? Moneyweb recently hosted their first Boutique Asset Manager event in conjunction with IRESS. They brought together a number of Boutique Asset Managers to discuss the

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